Zeitpunkte are being created
in Innsbruck for people who were murdered under the Nazi regime
A woman with mental health issues was killed by the Nazis in the so-called euthanasia program.
für Anna Turisser

On January 27, 2024, this
Zeitpunkt was installed near the address Amthorstrasse 55. The initiative for this came from erinnern:at.

Born 30.4.1900 in Innsbruck
Deported to Hartheim on 20.3.1941

Anna Rück worked in a printing shop until her marriage to Gottfried Turisser and the birth of their son Herbert. Her first son, born out of wedlock, lived with Anna’s mother.

In the spring of 1934 Anna Turisser became ill and was admitted to the psychiatric department of Innsbruck hospital and then sent to the Hall Mental Hospital. Six months later, Gottfried Turisser brought his wife home, but a few days later he had to return her to the hospital in Hall. In January 1937, Turisser found her a place in the nursing home of the Sisters of Mercy in Imst.

On 14 March 1941, the National Socialists moved Anna Turisser to the Hall Mental Hospital in the framework of their programme for the mass murder of people with disabilities and mental illnesses. Six days later, together with 91 other men and women, she was transferred to the Hartheim Euthanasia Centre near Linz.

Anna Turisser is commemorated on a stele at the memorial and information site in the grounds of the Hall Regional Hospital, as one of the names on a memorial plaque in the Via Claudia Home in Nassereith for Nazi euthanasia victims taken from the Imst nursing home, and by an inscription on her son’s cross at the Tummelplatz Regional Memorial Site above Ambras Castle in Innsbruck. Herbert Turisser was an SS-Rottenführer (squad leader) and died in the same year as his mother; he fell in Russia. The plaque on his grave was added by descendants of the family in 2021 as a reminder of Anna Turisser’s violent death in Hartheim.


Information station at the memorial site in Hall: Turisser, Anna

(Inscription for Anna Turisser on the cross on Herbert Turisser’s grave at the Tummelplatz Regional Memorial Site, Innsbruck)