Zeitpunkte are being created
in Innsbruck for people who were murdered under the Nazi regime

Memory feeds a culture, nourishes hope and makes a human, human. (Elie Wiesel)

Zeitpunkte are dedicated to the Innsbruck victims of the National Socialist terror regime. It is Innsbruck’s way of promoting the memory of those of its inhabitants who were murdered for reasons of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or their political views, of victims of the Nazi military justice system including conscientious objectors and deserters, and of people who were classified as genetically compromised under the Nazi ideology or who died as members of some other marginalised social group.

Zeitpunkte, which can be translated to time points, are memorials to people who were murdered or died in detention centres, concentration camps and extermination camps, ghettos and mental hospitals, who were driven to suicide by persecution, harassment and humiliation, who died while fleeing the Nazi regime or as a result of imprisonment and forced labour during the Second World War or in the immediate aftermath.

Zeitpunkte are located in the public space, outside or as close as possible to the last voluntarily chosen homes of the victims, so that remembrance can take place in the streets of the city where our murdered fellow citizens once lived.

You will find Zeitpunkte in the form of shiny golden disks on lampposts or bollards in the city. Scan the QR code if you would like to know more about the lives of the people involved.


The latest news: On Jan 27th 2024, the first Zeitpunkte were presented at a inaugurational act at the City Library. After this we went to the Defreggerstrasse 12 for the unveiling of the Turteltaub family memorial.